86 thermal power plants “critical” with less than 25% of coal stock

As many as 86 thermal power plants in the country, including six imported dry fuel-based, had critical coal stock levels as of October 18, according to a Central Electricity Authority (CEA) report. The power plants are labelled as having a critical coal stock situation, where the dry fuel is less than 25 per cent of the normative level.

According to the daily coal report of the CEA for October 18, 2023, as many as 86 thermal power plants were having critical coal stock situations out of the monitored 181 in the country. 

There were six imported coal-based plants out of these 86 plants. 

CEA monitors 181 coal-based thermal power plants in the country with a total installed generation capacity of 206 gw. 

According to the report, 148 non-pithead domestic coal-based power plants with a total capacity of about 149 gw had 29 per cent less dry fuel stocks than the normative (or ideal) levels. 

These 148 plants had about 12.77 mt of coal against the normative level of 43.53 mt as of October 18, 2023. 

However, the situation was better at 18 domestic pithead plants where dry fuel stock was 81 per cent of the normative levels. 

The experts are of the view that generally the dry fuel stock situation is not often critical at pithead plants as these are located near coal mines. 

The non-pithead plants are those where the dry fuel is transported from far-flung places where coal mines are located. 

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