Tomato scores over a century in retail markets as delayed rains hit crop

Prices of tomatoes have surged up between Rs 80 and Rs 120 per kg in the retail market, while wholesale prices have gone up to Rs 65 to Rs 70 per kg. Delayed monsoon and possibility of weak rainfall in many parts of the country have led to the surge in prices of the vegetable.

A 15-kg crate of tomatoes was sold for Rs 1,100 in Kolar wholesale APMC market in Karnataka on Sunday. This is expected to further drive up the prices of tomato in the retail markets across the country. 

“The sowing of tomato this year is lower than the previous year’s, for various reasons. Many farmers in Kolar have shifted to beans this year, as the price of beans had skyrocketed last year. However, due to deficient monsoon, crops have dried up and wilted. The tomato crop in the district may be only 30 per cent of the usual harvest,” notes Anji Reddy, a tomato farmer from Kolar. 

Except for onions and potatoes, most other vegetables are being sold at prices higher than usual. Prices of beans per kg is in the range of Rs 120-140, some varieties of carrots are being sold at Rs 100, capsicum per kg has crossed the Rs 80 mark. Meanwhile, the cost of eggs has also shot up, and an egg is being sold in the range of Rs 7-8, up from Rs 5-6

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