HOT SEAT - Nurturing Talent: Vaidehi Desai, Chief Human Resources Officer, SHOTT India

Vaidehi Desai comes across as a very contented person, committed professional and a loving family person. The dynamic chief human resources officer of SHOTT India – a company engaged in talent acquisition, strategic hiring and employee engagement within the entertainment industry – finely balances her professional and personal lives with a certain degree of maturity. A postgraduate in human resource development, Ms Desai is also quite adept in number-crunching and skilfully navigates the world of key financial metrics, such as RoI, EBITDA and the bottom line. In a lively chat with Sharmila Chand, Ms Desai opens up about her personal and professional lives.


How do you define yourself?

Composed in the midst of chaos


What is your philosophy of life?

In the grand tapestry of the universe, our existence is a mere fleeting moment – a blink of an eyelid. Embrace positivity, and share smiles, as we traverse this cosmic journey.


What is your passion in life?

Cooking is my forte! I take pride in my culinary skills.


What is your management mantra?

Embrace failure without fear or shame; instead, embody the courage to rise and begin anew.


What is your work philosophy?

Every new day is a new opportunity, and invest your 100 per cent in seizing it.


A business leader you admire the most…

Ratan Tata


Your source of inspiration…  

My parents and family


You are a tough, serious boss or …

Surprisingly, I’m my harshest critic. But when it comes to my colleagues, I am much more integrated with key managerial skills, like active listening and motivating the team.


What do you enjoy the most in life, generally?

Being with my family and close friends


How do you de-stress?

A good cup of coffee


What is your fitness regime?

I’m a mindfulness practitioner and enjoy taking a walk amidst nature.


Your mantra for success

Have the best team. Have a healthy and vibrant working environment, and success shall follow.


Ten years from now, where do we see you?

Being on top of my game, both personally and professionally

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