Coal-based power generation rises by 10.13% in April-December 2023

The country’s coal-fired power generation showed significant growth of nearly 10.13 per cent from April to December 2023 compared to that of the corresponding period of the previous year. 

Overall power generation increased by 6.71 per cent during the same period. According to the Coal Ministry, the domestic coal-based power generation from April to December 2023 rose by 7.14 per cent to 872 billion units (bu), up from 813.9 bu generated in the corresponding period last year. “This reflects ample coal supply to meet growing energy demand in the country,” said the ministry in a statement. 

It has added that import for blending has been down by 40.66 per cent to 17.08 mt during the period from 28.78 mt in the corresponding period of the previous year. This occurred despite escalating power demand, demonstrating commitment to self-reliance in coal production and minimising overall imports. 

Power is mainly generated from conventional (thermal, nuclear and hydro) and renewable sources (wind, solar, biomass, etc) in India. Coal remains the major source of power generation, contributing to over 70 per cent of power generation. Coal-based power generation has played a major role in meeting India’s energy demands. 

“India is seeing a substantial rise in power demand, driven by a combination of factors like industrial growth, technological advancements, population growth, development, etc,” said the Coal Ministry. 

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