BSE-listed companies hit m-cap of $5 trillion, mainly driven by mid- and small-caps

BSE-listed companies’ total market capitalisation (m-cap) crossed the $5-trillion mark on Tuesday for the first time, following a run-up in mid- and small-cap stocks.
In the last five months, BSE’s m-cap has increased by $633 billion. At the beginning of this year, the total m-cap of BSE was $4.14 trillion.
The Indian market has been bullish for some time now. BSE’s benchmark index, the Sensex, traded just below 1.5 per cent from its all-time high on Tuesday. On the other hand, BSE mid- and small-cap indices had traded at an all-time high on Tuesday.
Since the beginning of 2024, the Sensex has given returns of only 2.3 per cent, but BSE Mid-Cap and BSE Small-Cap indices have given returns of 16 and 11 per cent respectively.
BSE has reached its m-cap from $4 trillion to $5 trillion in a mere six months. BSE had touched the $4 trillion for the first time in November 2023.
The Indian stock market ranks fifth in m-cap in the world with $5 trillion. The US is in first place with an m-cap of $55 trillion, China is in second place with an m-cap of $9.4 trillion, Japan ranks third with an m-cap of $6.4 trillion, and Hong Kong’s stock market is in the fourth spot with a $5.4-trillion m-cap.

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