HOT SEAT - A Multifaceted Personality - Devipshita Gautam, Entrepreneur & Life Coach

Devipshita Gautam nurtures a lofty ambition of creating a human community without any barriers. This goal has inspired the entrepreneur from West Bengal to build a thriving career rooted in education, mentorship and community service. Born in Siliguri, West Bengal, Ms Gautam has an honours degree in Geography from Delhi University and an MBA in Environmental Business Management. Indian Hotel Academy, a leading institution founded by her, has trained over 800 students in various hospitality courses. She is also the founder and general secretary of the Gautam Budh Educational Society, which manages a chain of hotel management institutes.

Additionally, Ms Gautam is a driving force in promoting environmental awareness. She has organised many student rallies and initiatives to engage young people in addressing climate issues. She also collaborates with NGOs such as Thalesemics India and Udaan, organising blood donation drives and supporting various charitable causes. In an engaging chat with Ms Gautam, Sharmila Chand offers deep insights into the multifaceted entrepreneur.


How do you define yourself?

Workaholic, spiritual and happy soul who loves to travel


What is your philosophy of life?

Be the human first, and heal the world with happiness.


What is your passion in life?

To bring happiness and joy to people in society


What is your work philosophy?

Don’t complain; don’t explain; of course, a little old-school philosophy.


Business leaders you admire the most...

Sudha Murty (a shining soul) and of course, Ratan Tata (an inspiration)


Your source of inspiration...

Every creation of the Almighty around me


How do you manage work and personal life balance?

With honest efforts and discipline in life 


How do you de-stress?

I don’t take stress at all. I have surrendered my life to the Almighty.


What is your fitness regime?

Morning walk, meditation and Yoga and eating fresh food as much as possible


What is your wellness mantra?

Complete surrender to the Super Power


Your mantra for success...

Respect time and life around you. Be the best version of yourself.


Your dream...

Creating a place for the human community with no barrier of religion, gender, caste or creed


Ten years from now, where do we see you?

In my Ashram – Happiness Club – aspiring to heal millions of lives with happiness


Your message to upcoming women entrepreneurs and professionals...
Keep pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and inspiring change. Your determination and innovation are shaping the future of business and beyond. Be aware of your Shakti Roop, and respect your Shiva. 

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