Kandla, Paradip, Tuticorin picked to develop as hubs for green hydrogen exports

In a move to expedite India’s goal of becoming a significant player in the global hydrogen market, the Ministry of Shipping and Ports has identified three key ports – Kandla, Paradip and Tuticorin – as focal points for the export of green hydrogen, green ammonia and green methanol within the next seven years. 

The primary objective now is to establish the essential infrastructure at these ports, facilitating the storage, handling and bunkering of these eco-friendly fuels and their derivatives. India’s ambitious target is to create a capacity for exporting approximately 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen and its derivatives annually by the year 2030. 

This strategic initiative aligns with the objectives outlined in the National Green Hydrogen Mission, which seeks to harness hydrogen’s potential in various industrial sectors, including fertilisers and petrochemicals. Furthermore, hydrogen derivatives as a low-carbon fuel alternative have immense potential in transportation sectors like shipping, metro rail and trains. 

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